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Nice Cheap sale Soft Material Fits Easily Rings Wonderful C-O-C- Fit Better Oklahoma City Mall

Nice Soft Material Fits Easily Fit Better Wonderful Rings C-O-C-


Nice Soft Material Fits Easily Fit Better Wonderful Rings C-O-C-

Product description


Was a little curious about cock rings as I'd never used one before but they had started to spark my curiosity a lot recently so my boyfriend bought me these as a beginner it's nice for them not to be metal and rock solid. The packaging is also really cute and discreet and it comes with a nice bag for storage. They're made of a super soft rubber and it's really stretchy, makes a HUGE difference once on in terms of vascularity and hardness absolutely recommend to ANYONE curious of cock rings! :)

Nice Soft Material Fits Easily Fit Better Wonderful Rings C-O-C-

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