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supreme 2 Feature Films- Horror Hotel Crypt of Max 76% OFF 1964 1960

2 Feature Films- Horror Hotel (1960) Crypt of Horror (1964) (2


2 Feature Films- Horror Hotel (1960) Crypt of Horror (1964) (2

Editorial Reviews

2 FEATURE FILMS starring Christopher Lee! HORROR HOTEL (1960)- The fetching Venetia Stevenson stars in this excellent horror film as Nan Barlow, a young college student who is writing a paper on witchcraft. On winter break, Nan travels to New England to do some research on one of her professor's recommendations, stays in a small hotel run by the spirit of an undead witch. AKA "City of the Dead". CRYPT OF HORROR (1964)- An Italian horror film in which a witch curses a count, claiming one of his own children will avenge her death. Years later, he fears his own daughter may be the one. AKA "Terror in the Crypt".

2 Feature Films- Horror Hotel (1960) Crypt of Horror (1964) (2

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