$35 GIMILI 4 Piece Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set,SUS 304 Stainle Tools Home Improvement Hardware 304,Bathroom,www.paperfangs.com,Accessories,Hardware,$35,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Stainle,GIMILI,/cracksman5432347.html,Set,SUS,4,Piece 304,Bathroom,www.paperfangs.com,Accessories,Hardware,$35,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Stainle,GIMILI,/cracksman5432347.html,Set,SUS,4,Piece $35 GIMILI 4 Piece Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set,SUS 304 Stainle Tools Home Improvement Hardware GIMILI Free Shipping New 4 Piece Bathroom Hardware Set SUS Accessories 304 Stainle GIMILI Free Shipping New 4 Piece Bathroom Hardware Set SUS Accessories 304 Stainle

GIMILI Free Shipping New 4 Piece Bathroom Hardware Set Credence SUS Accessories 304 Stainle

GIMILI 4 Piece Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set,SUS 304 Stainle


GIMILI 4 Piece Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set,SUS 304 Stainle

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Our story

How we got our start?
We started our dream by creating home appliances with durable materials that are perfect in any home. After years of success with our initial development, we researched original faucet options and expanded to designing smart faucets.
What makes our product unique?
The real easy-installed design, even a new hand can finish DIY installation within 30 minutes without using any tools. More ever, the unexpected service beyond your imagination, GIMILI always stands behind everything for you!
Why we love what we do?
We are pleased to provide a multifunctional faucet for every family that improve your daily life. Our goal is making everyone enjoys a good mood when dealing with kitchen chores.

Product Description

GIMILI Four Piece Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set-Brushed Gold

Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set


Constructed of Type 304 premium grade stainless steel, with added 18/8 Chromium/Nickel content to protect against corrosion and rust, suitable for humid environments.

Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set

If you have any questions about our product or find any defects of the product, please message us, we promise to give you the best solution.

Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set

GIMILI Bathroom Hardware Accessories Installation Instruction

Mount Type: Wall Mount

Touchless Kitchchen Faucet Touchless Kitchchen Faucet Touchless Kitchchen Faucet Touchless Kitchchen Faucet
Touchless Kitchchen Faucet Touchless Kitchchen Faucet Touchless Kitchchen Faucet Touchless Kitchchen Faucet
Colour Matte Blackamp;Gold Gold Matte Black Brushed Nickel
Style Pull Out Pull Out Pull Out Pull Out
Flow Mode Stream/Spray Stream/Spray Stream/Spray Stream/Spray
Number of Holes Required 1 hole 1 or 3 hole 1 hole 1 hole
Height 20" 20" 20" 20"

GIMILI 4 Piece Bathroom Hardware Accessories Set,SUS 304 Stainle

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