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Professional Accordion Concertina Great interest Soli Red Denver Mall

Professional Accordion Concertina, Red Concertina Accordion Soli


Professional Accordion Concertina, Red Concertina Accordion Soli

Product description



1. This concertina has a beautiful and unique shape, available in 3 colors, high-end and elegant.
2. The accordion has an adjustable hand strap, suitable for adults and children.
3. Bright color, beautiful appearance, exquisite workmanship, ergonomic design, flexible and easy to use.
4. Helps to develop musical talents and improve the sense of rhythm, suitable for accordion beginners and students.
5. This accordion comes with a bag, which is easy to carry and store, convenient and practical.


Item Type: Concertina Accordion

Material: Solid wood + leather + celluloid coating
Scope Of Application: Children/adults/performance/beginners
Size: Approx. 18 x 17 x 17cm / 7.1 x 6.7 x 6.7in

Package List:

1 x

Professional Accordion Concertina, Red Concertina Accordion Soli

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