$39 DEWALT 12" FLEX Drywall Trowel | 0.5MM Blade | Triple-Hardened S Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools FLEX,Triple-Hardened,S,0.5MM,DEWALT,Blade,Drywall,www.paperfangs.com,|,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,|,Trowel,$39,12",/disenclose5432379.html DEWALT 12" Tucson Mall FLEX Drywall Trowel S Blade Triple-Hardened 0.5MM $39 DEWALT 12" FLEX Drywall Trowel | 0.5MM Blade | Triple-Hardened S Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools FLEX,Triple-Hardened,S,0.5MM,DEWALT,Blade,Drywall,www.paperfangs.com,|,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,|,Trowel,$39,12",/disenclose5432379.html DEWALT 12" Tucson Mall FLEX Drywall Trowel S Blade Triple-Hardened 0.5MM


DEWALT 12" FLEX Drywall Trowel | 0.5MM Blade | Triple-Hardened S


DEWALT 12" FLEX Drywall Trowel | 0.5MM Blade | Triple-Hardened S

Product description


DEWALT Finishing Trowels

DEWALT offers a full line of finishing trowels that are manufactured under a proprietary innovative design and strict quality manufacturing requirements in Europe. These trowels offer the finisher some outstanding features, including:
- Precision powder-coated aluminum handle mount that is rigid yet lightweight and durable
- Robotically welded super-strong surface-mounted rivets that last longer than typical "through-rivet" designs.
- Premium grade, European hardened stainless steel blades
- Patented leather composite handles

FLEX 0.5

DEWALT FLEX 0.5 Trowels feature blades crafted using hardened 0.5mm stainless steel and deliver outstanding blade flex that reduces hand and wrist fatigue during use. These trowels leave a fantastic surface finish and are ideal for drywall joint compounds and final coats of plaster and EIFS.

The blade on the FLEX 0.5 is mounted with premium quality, precision stainless steel rivets that are robotically welded to the blade surface. Unlike competitive models that "tape" the blade to a mounting platform using a double sided tape, DEWALT has developed a technology to weld thin steel directly to the rivets while maintaining structural integrity and flatness. The blade/rivet assembly is then press-fit to the precision aluminum tang making this the strongest 0.5mm stainless steel trowel on the market. These trowels are so strong the blade metal will tear before the rivets let loose.

In addition, the design of the DEWALT FLEX trowels provide a wider working surface on the blade compared with other flex trowels on the market, making them easier to use with a flex and finish like no other trowel available.

DEWALT 12" FLEX Drywall Trowel | 0.5MM Blade | Triple-Hardened S

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