$44 BQLZR Straight Flutes Mouthpiece Joint Curved Head Joint Silve Musical Instruments Band Orchestra BQLZR Straight Flutes Mouthpiece Joint Challenge the lowest price Silve Head Curved BQLZR Straight Flutes Mouthpiece Joint Challenge the lowest price Silve Head Curved /gyrogonite5432322.html,Mouthpiece,Joint,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Curved,$44,Silve,www.paperfangs.com,Flutes,Straight,Joint,Head,BQLZR /gyrogonite5432322.html,Mouthpiece,Joint,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Curved,$44,Silve,www.paperfangs.com,Flutes,Straight,Joint,Head,BQLZR $44 BQLZR Straight Flutes Mouthpiece Joint Curved Head Joint Silve Musical Instruments Band Orchestra

BQLZR Straight Flutes Mouthpiece Joint Challenge the lowest price Silve Head Max 54% OFF Curved

BQLZR Straight Flutes Mouthpiece Joint Curved Head Joint Silve


BQLZR Straight Flutes Mouthpiece Joint Curved Head Joint Silve

Product description

1.Every product has a unique Manufacturing Part Number label on the inner package that proves it has been qualified,which include Part Number,Model Number and inspection date information;
2.If you have any questions about the item,please provide us the Manufacturing Part Number for checking,your profits will be guaranteed.
3.The beautiful silver-plated surface and copper material are sturdy and durable, exquisite and fashionable.
4.The product is of good quality, suitable for replacement and maintenance parts of flute joint mouthpiece, and it is also a good replacement.
5.Removable mouthpiece, easy to clean and adjust with other instruments, flute mouthpiece can be used to replace old or damaged parts, suitable for flute.

MaSilverterial: Brass Silver-Plated + Copper Silver-plated
Color: Silver
Brand name: BQLZR
Flute Head Joint :
Approximate Interface Diameter: 2cm/0.79inch
Size: 22.6x1.9x1.2cm/8.9x0.75x0.49inch(LxIDxHD)
Flute Curved Head Joint:
Approximate Interface Diameter: 1.99cm/0.78inch
Size: 15.10x6.00x2.40cm/5.94x2.36x0.94inch(LxWxH)
Weight: 194g

Note: Please check the size of your flute before purchasing. Not all flutes are the same.

Package include:
1 x Flute Head Joint
1 x Flute Curved Head Joint

BQLZR Straight Flutes Mouthpiece Joint Curved Head Joint Silve

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