/gyrogonite5432722.html,Plum,Exotic,Feather,Privacy,www.paperfangs.com,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Window,Bohemian,$22,Arched,Frosted,Film, $22 Feather Frosted Privacy Arched Window Film, Bohemian Exotic Plum Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Feather Frosted Privacy Arched Window Film Exotic Bohemian Genuine Plum $22 Feather Frosted Privacy Arched Window Film, Bohemian Exotic Plum Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Feather Frosted Privacy Arched Window Film Exotic Bohemian Genuine Plum /gyrogonite5432722.html,Plum,Exotic,Feather,Privacy,www.paperfangs.com,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Window,Bohemian,$22,Arched,Frosted,Film,

Feather Frosted Privacy Arched Window Film Exotic Bohemian 67% OFF of fixed price Genuine Plum

Feather Frosted Privacy Arched Window Film, Bohemian Exotic Plum


Feather Frosted Privacy Arched Window Film, Bohemian Exotic Plum

Product description

You can change the look of your house using LCGGDB window film at a low cost.High resolution pictures bring a 3D like realistic experience to your life. Colors won't fade thanks to new digital printing methods.Make you easy to decorate your home and have a new visual impact.It puts beautiful patterns on your window and when the sun shines in your house,you will have a magical kaleidoscopic view!

Computer Precision Precut to Customized Size and shape to fit you window perfectly. Quick and easy decorating, proivde privacy as well. Using static cling with no adhesives, removable and reusable. Provide UV protection.

STRENGTH GLASS:When the Glass Breaks, the Glass Fragments Stick to the Film and Do Not Splash, Protecting the Safety of Family and Furniture

PRIVACY PROTECTION:Protects Privacy while Allow the Sunlight in,Retain Heat in Winter Comfort and Keep It out in Summer,Saves Energy. Prevents 95% of UV and Glare

Installation Instructions:

1. Measure the surface and cut the film. Leave an extra inch margin each side for an easy adjustment.

2. Clean the target surface thoroughly and make sure the surface is clean enough without any dust.

3. Peel off the transparent backing film along a short side. (Very Important!!!)

4. Spray a lot of water or soapy water both on the smooth side of the window film and the window, then install the window film onto the window.

5. Use the soft towel or squeegee to wipe the film back and forth to make sure that the bubbles and water have been totally removed.

6. Trim off the margins and use a cloth to flatten out the film. Here you go!

Tips for Customers:

1.The adhesive effect of the film may not be good in winter. Solution: before application, use hair dryer to make it soft( heat resistance is under 176℉)

2.Fit for smooth glass surface without any dust or fiber.

3.Do not apply to outside window or windows with cracks.

Feather Frosted Privacy Arched Window Film, Bohemian Exotic Plum

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