Al,Cigarette,$29,Cigarettes,,LZWH,,Metal,/psoriasic5432809.html,Lightweight,Box,,Can,18,Health Household , Household Supplies,Hold LZWH Metal Cigarette Box Genuine Can Al Lightweight Cigarettes Hold 18 $29 LZWH Metal Cigarette Box, Can Hold 18 Cigarettes, Lightweight Al Health Household Household Supplies Al,Cigarette,$29,Cigarettes,,LZWH,,Metal,/psoriasic5432809.html,Lightweight,Box,,Can,18,Health Household , Household Supplies,Hold LZWH Metal Cigarette Box Genuine Can Al Lightweight Cigarettes Hold 18 $29 LZWH Metal Cigarette Box, Can Hold 18 Cigarettes, Lightweight Al Health Household Household Supplies

LZWH Metal Atlanta Mall Cigarette Box Genuine Can Al Lightweight Cigarettes Hold 18

LZWH Metal Cigarette Box, Can Hold 18 Cigarettes, Lightweight Al


LZWH Metal Cigarette Box, Can Hold 18 Cigarettes, Lightweight Al

Product description


[Material]: Alloy craftsmanship
[Size and capacity]: 16MM*54MM*75MM, can hold 18 cigarettes
[Weight]: 68 grams, I am lighter with the same volume
[Color]: sliding lid cigarette box gold (high-end packaging), sliding lid cigarette box silver (high-end packaging), sliding lid cigarette box red gold (high-end packaging), sliding lid cigarette box black (high-end packaging), sliding lid cigarette box red (High-end packaging)

Package list:
1*1 cigarette case
1*1 packing box

LZWH Metal Cigarette Box, Can Hold 18 Cigarettes, Lightweight Al

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