Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Air,Conditioner,Wrench,Screw,/rotal5432510.html,Magnetic,Service,XYEJL,Strong,Tool,,$74 XYEJL Popular overseas Strong Magnetic Tool Air Service Conditioner Screw Wrench $74 XYEJL Strong Magnetic Tool Air Conditioner Service Wrench,Screw Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $74 XYEJL Strong Magnetic Tool Air Conditioner Service Wrench,Screw Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools XYEJL Popular overseas Strong Magnetic Tool Air Service Conditioner Screw Wrench Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Air,Conditioner,Wrench,Screw,/rotal5432510.html,Magnetic,Service,XYEJL,Strong,Tool,,$74

XYEJL Popular overseas Strong Magnetic Tool Popular overseas Air Service Conditioner Screw Wrench

XYEJL Strong Magnetic Tool Air Conditioner Service Wrench,Screw


XYEJL Strong Magnetic Tool Air Conditioner Service Wrench,Screw

Product description

Are you still worrying about working at heights when installing outdoor air conditioners?

The latest air conditioner external unit disassembly tool can help you!

- Wrench for disassembly and assembly of external air conditioner, used for ordinary air conditioner maintenance or other equipment, Tool features quick release design, which is convenient to use, perfect for your daily needs
- Special wrench for disassembly and assembly of air conditioner, A strong magnetic sleeve is attached to hold the screw, which improves the safety of high-altitude operations
- Adopt quality 45# steel material, sturdy and durable, long service time
- Air conditioner external machine disassembly wrench is designed for repair use
- Humanized design is easy and quick to operate

Product name: Air conditioner external machine disassembly wrench
Wrench shape: Double-ended wrench
Material: 45#Steel

Package Included:
1 X Air conditioner external machine disassembly wrench

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XYEJL Strong Magnetic Tool Air Conditioner Service Wrench,Screw

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